Voiaj de la Veneţia la Instanbul

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Voiaj de la Veneţia la Instanbul

Mesaj necititde ghrt » Sâm Ian 21, 2012 12:28 pm

Am găsit un documentar BBC despre ruta de comerţ medievală, de la Veneţia la Istanbul. Şi pentru a respira savoarea vremurilor, este parcursă pe o bărcuţă cu pânze. Bărcuţa cu pânze nu este subiectul principal (din păcate), dar călătoria îndeamnă la visare...

Arts, Travel Documentary hosted by Francesco da Mosto, published by BBC in 2008 - English narration



Architect and historian Francesco da Mosto embarks on a journey to cross the Mediterranean sea, retracing the trade routes of his ancestors in a sailing clipper from the 19th century.

1) Arrivederci Venezia
Before Francesco leaves his home in Venice there is research to do for the voyage and new skills to acquire - not least gaining the respect of the crew of the White Swan, with whom he will spend the next few months in cramped quarters as he visits the greatest treasures of the Mediterranean.

2) Istria and Split
Francesco and the crew of the Black Swan hit the open sea and head down the Croatian coast. The hard life of a working sailor is creating some problems for our doughty presenter, but he is learning the ropes as best he can. His journey takes him to the amphitheatre in p**a, an isolated lighthouse in Porer, and the beautiful city of Split where the palace of Diocletian has become home to squatters.

3) Bosnia and Dubrovnik
The coastline is stunning but he cannot fail to notice the scars of war that followed the collapse of Yugoslavia. His first stop is the Mostar bridge - an ancient symbol of unity destroyed in a moment of wartime madness which was rebuilt. Once again the young men of the town take their lives in their hands and leap from the bridge to prove their manhood. Francesco also travels to Medugorje where the Virgin Mary appeared.

4) Montenegro and Albania
On the next step of his sea voyage from Venice to Istanbul, Francesco da Mosto is sailing into the Bay of Kotor where Venetian sailors knew they were leaving safe waters for the dangers of pirates and the ships of rival powers. So perhaps it's wise for Francesco and the crew to stop off at the magical little church of Santuario della madonna della scarpello, perched on a few rocks in the open sea.

5) Corfu and Greece
As Francesco and the crew of the Black Swan enter Greek waters, the mainsail rips and they limp into the next port, the island of Corfu. Corfu has more relics of British rule than Venetian, and Francesco is soon drawn into a game of cricket on the island's best cricket pitch. In the romantic setting of the British Garden Cemetery there are many reminders of British occupation.

6) The Gulf of Corinth
Francesco continues his voyage from Venice to Istanbul, visiting Mount Parnassus, the mystical site of the great Delphic Oracle, the greatest prophetess of the ancient world. Mount Parnassus was also home to the Pythian games, forerunners of the modern Olympic Games. Next stop is Athens, where Francesco meets celebrated singer Nana Mouskouri.

7) The Peloponnese
The Black Swan docks near Athens - on route for Istanbul - so Francesco heads off alone on motorbike into the wild west of Greece, the Peloponnese. There is plenty to marvel at: Mystra, the ruined Byzantine town, the ancient theatre at Epidaurus, a tiny cave-like church that boasts incredible frescoes, and Vathia - the abandoned town of towers.

8) The Cyclades
Francesco visits the magical, mystical Greek islands known as the Cyclades. First stop is Delos, where he encounters the great phalli of Dionysus. On Tinos, he meets a woman who crawls on hands and knees for a kilometre uphill to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for the recovery of her sick husband. After enjoying a a strong liqueur on Naxos, Francesco arrives at the great sunken, flooded volcano of Santorini.

9) Crete
Francesco's first stop at the Greek islands is the beautiful but abandoned island of Spinalonga - just off the coast of Crete. Docking at Cretan capital Iraklion, he searches for the underground caves where Zeus is reputed to have been born, and is surprised by an invite to a Cretan wedding - but first he must help prepare the wedding feast.

10) The Dodecanese
Francesco da Mosto approaches the last group of the Greek islands - the Dodecanese. Home to the legendary crusader knights of St John, Rhodes was repeatedly caught up in fighting between the Christian and Islamic worlds, and even today it has the feel of a fortress island. Next stop is the exotic Turquoise Coast, with its great burial temples carved out of the high clifftops. Then the island of Leros, ravaged by Mussolini, and Patmos. And, at last, a surprise that renders Francesco speechless.

11) The Dardanelles
Francesco da Mosto enters Turkish waters and the Strait of the Dardanelles, gateway to the East. He makes stops at the haunting beaches of Gallipoli, scene of one of the worst massacres of the First World War, visits a vast mosque in the city of Edirne, and gives wrestling a try. En route to Istanbul he swings by Bursa, the birthplace of the doner kebab.

12) Istanbul
Francesco da Mosto reaches Istanbul, the final stop of his marathon voyage. He explores the Palace of Topkapi, centre of power for the Ottoman empire, dons hard hat and waders to enter one of the huge underground cisterns where two giant heads of Medusa lie abandoned, and learns the trading secrets of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. A final celebration aboard the Black Swan with its long-suffering crew brings Francesco's journey to an end.

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Re: Voiaj de la Veneţia la Instanbul

Mesaj necititde skipper » Sâm Ian 21, 2012 12:47 pm

Vreun linc ceva de unde se poate descarca sau unde se poate vedea online?
Ubi allii finiverant, inde incipimus nos!
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Re: Voiaj de la Veneţia la Instanbul

Mesaj necititde ghrt » Sâm Ian 21, 2012 1:21 pm

Păi dacă e cineva nerăbdător sau trebuie neapărat în HD se găseşte integral pe torrente, iar pe Amazon DVD-ul este 6.19 lire plus transport.
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